Runners Pilates at PSPC

A strong core is vital to ensure good running technique and reduce your risk of injury. We focus specifically on the flexibility, strength and control of the stability muscles around the core and hips, and coordination of movements such as running strides. Running injuries addressed through our classes have included back pain, hip pain and labral tears, “Runner’s knee” (patellofemoral joint or patellar tendon pain), ITB problems, calf and hamstring strains, Achilles tendon injury and stress fractures.

Our Runner’s Pilates classes can help:

·         Improve your physical endurance, flexibility, coordination and posture.

·         Strengthen your back, pelvis, hips and leg muscles

·         Reduce strain on your muscles and joints.

·         Improve your spinal mobility

·         Enable efficient movement and energy transfer when running.

·         Improve your breathing pattern, rhythm and control during exercise.

·         Recovery and rehabilitation from existing injuries and “Pre-hab” to prevent future injury


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