Prenatal Classes

Prenatal classes focus on breathing, posture, stretching and strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, oblique abdominals, back and arms. You will feel energised and good about yourself.

Prenatal Pilates modify the principles of regular Pilates exercises for pregnancy. Each exercise is designed taking into account pregnancy related body changes. The classes also teach the correct technique for pelvic floor exercises.

Benefits of Prenatal Pilates include:

·       Pilates encourages deep breathing and relaxation

·       Encourages mind body focus

·       Pelvic floor strength

·       Core control will help to support, stabilise the back and pelvis

·       Improved postural awareness and circulation

·       Help to reduce the risk of problematic pre & postnatal conditions

·       Pilates will make you feel better and stronger as your pregnancy progresses

·       Pilates exercises are adapted as your body changes

·       Pilates will help you get back into shape more quickly after the birth

A pregnant client MUST receive clearance from her GP/gynaecologist before starting this programme.



Our Prenatal class is on Tuesdays at 5pm