Our Research


The Cost of Private Physiotherapy For Low Back Pain in Ireland

We analysed all of our clients who attended complaining of back pain over two years. This gave us information on the average cost of treatment for back pain in our clinic, how many sessions it takes to get better, and showed that those clients who progressed to Pilates classes had better outcomes than those who didn’t. Presented at the ISCP Annual Conference 2016.

Audit of Patients Attending a Private Physiotherapy Clinic

A summary of every client who attended our clinic over the course of a year. We found that our average patient is a male in his 30’s, has 4-5 treatments and is feeling better when he’s discharged, among other interesting findings. Presented at the ISCP Annual Conference 2015.

Assessing the energy required for non weight bearing crutch walking

This study examined the potential effects of using crutches on energy expenditure, with a longer term view to eventually extrapolating the data to elderly and chronically ill patient groups. This study was carried out on healthy individuals in order to lay the way for future research in the field of energy expenditure. The findings show that increased energy demands of non-weight bearing crutch walking should be considered by physio's when instructing patients on crutch use.